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Overture to Disaster

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The Post Cold War Political Thriller Trilogy


An epic tale that follows the fate of two men with disparate backgrounds whose actions inevitably lead to a fateful encounter with horrific possibilities—a rogue operation that could slaughter thousands of people, including the wife and daughters of one of them.


It's a thriller right out of today's headlines, though it took place in the early nineties.

The theft of Soviet nerve gas weapons as the Cold War ends and the fate of a Special Operations helicopter mission to Iran set the stage for a thrill ride across continents as international chicanery gone wild seeks to restore dictatorial rule in the former Soviet republics. Can a disgraced Air Force colonel, a Belarus investigator framed for murder, and a spymaster suddenly left in the cold stop a disaster that will paralyze Washington?


The story also features Burke Hill, the ex-FBI agent who was the hero in the first two books of the trilogy. His wife and toddler twins also face death if the operation succeeds.


Starting with two critical developments in the fall of 1991, the story continues in the spring of 1995. Minsk, Belarus Chief Investigator Yuri Shumakov follows a trail that leads to Mexico, where he encounters former USAF Colonel Roddy Rodman, whose Special Operations helicopter was shot down in an abortive mission to rescue an Iranian defector.



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Sid (Sidney Lanier) Chance is the new kid on the block, not yet sixty. After eighteen years as a National Park ranger and another ten as a small town police chief, false accusations of bribery sent him off to his cabin in the woods. An intelligent, attractive (and wealthy) former Nashville cop named Jasmine LeMieux lures him out to solve a problem in her company and talks him into hanging out his PI shingle.


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