The Campbell Family May 10, 2008


Here we are (all but four of us) at grandson Andrew Campbell's wedding in Pennsylvania. You may recognize the grinning old guy third from right. The others include my four children (plus three wives or husbands), six of my eight grandchildren (plus two wives), and my lone great-granddaughter. From left are Trinity, held by her mother, Laura, standing in front of daddy Dan; my daughter Betsy, holding hands with her son, Jeremy, standing in front of her husband, Jim Simmons; my daughter Anne, standing behind Betsy's daughter Melody, in front of her brother, Mark; the bride, Mindy, beside her new husband, Army Lt. Andrew Campbell; the groom's proud parents, Gayle and my son, Steve; Mark's wife, I Pun; beyond me, Harry and Wendy, Betsy's older two. Missing are Mark and I Pun's younger son, Ed, who couldn't get off work, and their older son, John, in Hawaii with his Army lieutenant wife, Kristen. Also absent was my wife, Sarah, who had the misfortune of landing in a Camp Hill, PA hospital for an unhappy three days. The mother of this brood was my first wife, Alma, who died in 1998 of complications from Parkinson's Disease.


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