As the Cold War sputters to a close and the Soviet Union disintegrates, rogue elements on both sides of the Iron Curtain join in a deadly plot to maintain their hold on power. Months later, international telephone intercepts trigger a CIA investigation into the nebulous codeword "Jabberwock." Cameron Quinn, a veteran clandestine officer with a drinking problem, draws the task of tracking it down. After his superiors doubt Jabberwock's importance, Quinn turns for help to a former FBI buddy, Burke Hill, whose tarnished career ended years earlier. For Hill, it becomes a quest to prove his own worth after an accident forces him to continue the investigation alone, without CIA sanction. With the help of Quinn's daughter Lori, a former CIA operative, he discovers a multinational team of killers rehearsing on an island off the Florida coast. As official and unofficial forces work to stop them, Burke and Lori realize they hold the only hope of stopping a plot to assassinate American and Russian presidents.


What reviewers are saying


“We’re in a renaissance of espionage literature, and Chester Campbell’s Beware the Jabberwock is right up there with the best of them. High stakes, convincing action, an unexpected alliance, and betrayal on all sides – a great read.”

    Timothy Hallinan, best-selling author of The Fear Artist, a Poke Rafferty Bangkok thriller


“Burke Hill, disgraced agent turned nature photographer, is a likable and believable hero, reluctantly drawn back into the dangerous and seductive intelligence game. Veteran agent Cameron Quinn is the flawed but sympathetic character who delivers Burke’s call to action. The writing is vivid and the plot convincing. It’s a smart, sharp read, one I found it difficult to put down.”

    Jaden Terrell, author of the acclaimed Racing the Devil


“Offbeat and fast-moving, Beware the Jabberwock delivers step-by-step excitement in a world-class thriller marked by cross and double-cross.”

    Pat Browning, author of Absinthe of Malice





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