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Cranky, Flawed, Clever and Likeable

by Brian Kaufman, Roundtable Reviews


Author Chester Campbell's prose, like his protagonist, is quick, clean and brash.  The story runs at a breakneck pace, never faltering.  The Arab-Israeli conflict informs the plot, but the author handles the region's complexities with an even hand.

 I particularly enjoyed the author's believable sixty year-old hero.  Greg McKenzie is cranky and flawed, clever and likeable.  The author's depiction of McKenzie's vital, loving marriage fuels the suspense, and is a refreshing change from the usual thriller love-interest.




Fast-Paced Mystery

by Louise Riveiro-Mitchell, Book Review Cafe


A fast-paced story of mystery, intrigue, and ancient prophecies are captured in this tale. The famed Dead Sea Scrolls hold the secrets to not only the past but an insight to the future, as well as a map to the treasured golden candlesticks of King Solomon's temple...

I found myself unable to put this book down till the end. Full of intrigue and suspense, it is a real page turner. Excellently written, a must read for all those who enjoy this type of genre. I highly recommend it. Well done, Mr. Campbell.




A Riveting, Edge of the Seat Book

by Janet Schmidt, Women on Writing Review


Secret of the Scroll is one of the finest books I have read in many years. Chester D Campbell has crafted a page-turner. Secret of the Scroll is the first book featuring Greg McKenzie who is a well-drawn character. Chester D Campbell reveals a plethora of details about the McKenzie's lives that this reader will appreciate. One is left with the feeling of meeting a new but yet familiar friend. Yet one who has more to reveal about himself.

Secret of the Scroll is a wholesome book, but far from boring. This is a riveting, edge of the seat book that is set against the backdrop of the modern Middle East. Every page rings true. This could happen.




Secret of the Scroll Is a Thriller in Every Sense of the Word

by Shelley Glodowski, Midwest Book Review


Secret of the Scroll is a thriller in every sense of the word. Written post 9/11, Campbell brings a wealth of information into play in the person of Greg McKenzie. he simplifies the age-old conflict for the reader, all the while setting up cliff-hanging situations designed to keep the reader glued to his book. I couldn't put it down! His writing style is as full  of energy as his characters. Campbell makes McKenzie into a 65 year old rebel who is irresistible and appealing. Great!




A Superbly Written Book

by Shirley Truax, Member of RIO, All About Murder Reviews


This is a superbly written book with an excellent plot. The action is on going and riveting. The characters walk off the page to the reader, and one can see them as they act out the story. There is no clothes-line effect in this story. It moves along smoothly with plenty of excitement. This one is a keeper for sure.

Mr. Campbell has imparted a lot of interesting information without sounding like a history book. In fact if school history books were written like this every student would be a history buff.




An Entertaining Thriller

by Stephen Doster, The (Nashville) Tennessean


Given the state of affairs in the Middle East, it's not hard to imagine a single incident igniting into a major conflict...an intriguing and entertaining thriller that shows how such a scenario might occur.




A Thriller of the First Order

by Rus Morgan, "Book Talk" interviewer, WYPL Radio, Memphis


A first person, narrative mystery thriller of the first order...if you like good solid writing, thoughtful characterization and a believable story you'll enjoy this book.



Excellent Thread of Tension

by Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews


Secret of the Scroll is a thriller mystery about a retired Air Force OSI agent, Colonel Greg McKenzie, who unknowingly is sold an ancient parchment scroll, which a Palestinian terrorist group wants smuggled into America. When he doesn’t give it back to them in the States, they kidnap his wife and hold her in ransom for the artifact, which reveals the location of very valuable temple lamps. Circumstances quickly escalate to an international incident level when an extreme right-wing Israeli group also becomes involved. Can he save his wife and abort World War III at the same time?

The author is a retired journalist and political speechwriter (which means he’s experienced at writing fantasy). His book is published by one of my favorite small publishers, Durban House. He develops a slightly flawed protagonist, teaches the reader about the roles of an OSI agent and the dangers of Air Force politics, and produces an excellent thread of tension, which could snap at any time. He uses the differences among Jews, Islamics, and Christians in the Holy Land to good effect. We rated this book four hearts.





by Joyce Holland, author of Beyond Gulf Breeze (a Sally Malone Mystery)


Spellbinding. Chester Campbell has crafted a real winner. Step into a forgotten cave and uncover a secret that can ignite a holy war. If you like a little history with your mystery, dig into this one and prepare to finish it in one sitting.