Greg and Jill McKenzie’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land propels them into an unholy nightmare when they bring home a souvenir that turns out to be a priceless document wanted by militant groups of both Palestinians and Israelis. Caught in the deadly crossfire of Mideast rivalry, the couple finds their home in Nashville no haven from villains who will stop at nothing to get what they’re after.

A retired Air Force criminal investigator, Greg must reach deep into his bag of tricks in an attempt to thwart first one group and then the other as his wife’s life hangs in the balance. Throughout his sometimes turbulent career, Greg never minced words or hesitated to trample any toes that got in his way. Now his efforts to save Jill are complicated by a lingering hostility toward him among members of the Metro Nashville Police Department that force him to go it alone. The threats and harassment resulted from criticism of a Murder Squad detective that got blown out of proportion and cost Greg his job as an investigator for the district attorney.

The trail switches back and forth across Nashville as Greg and a former Air Force Office of Special Investigations colleague use their skills in the attempt to track down the bad guys. Then plot takes an unexpected twist as one group appears eliminated and the other makes a diabolical move.

With the clock winding down, Greg finds himself back in Israel with the ancient parchment scroll and its potentially calamitous secret. He is forced to play a high stakes game of cat and mouse with a former Mossad agent who has a reputation for being both demonic and lethal.

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