The Greg McKenzie Mysteries

The series features retired Air Force OSI agent Greg McKenzie and his wife, Jill. After they settle in Nashville, Jill's hometown, a couple of adventures that test Greg's detection talents lead them to  tackle the private investigation business.

Married nearly forty years, Greg and Jill are well aware of each other's foibles and enjoy trading friendly barbs. Reviewers have likened them to "the people next door." But they have a talent for getting into a lot more perilous scrapes than most people you know.

Greg can be feisty and combative at times. He traces his McKenzie military roots back to the 98th Argyllshire Highlanders in 1794. The soldier at left wears the McKenzie tartan.

Greg’s grandfather fought with a Scottish Highland regiment in World War I. After the family emigrated to America, his dad served as a cook in the U.S. Army during World War II. He later worked as a master brewer for Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis, where Greg was born.

The five books in the series are listed below.


Greg McKenzie Mystery #5

Greg and Jill are hired to check out a rumor something isn't kosher with a local effort to bring an NBA team to Nashville. Things turn deadly when an informant is shot to death and a bomb explodes beneath Greg's Jeep. The case concludes stunningly on Christmas Day.


Greg McKenzie Mystery #3

After Greg and Jill are hired to check into Molly Saint's husband, she disappears. They get drawn into the troubling investigation of the Federal Reserve chairman's assassination, complicating matters. Nothing appears to be what it seemed.


Greg McKenzie Mystery #2

The young architect/engineer who designed a high-rithese beachfront condo at Perdido Key, FL is found dead at the seashore. The sheriff says suicide. His dad doesn't think so. Greg and Jill learn finding the answer is risky.


Greg McKenzie Mystery #1

When Greg brings a "souvenir" Dead Sea Scroll home from the Holy Land, he finds he has a real ancient scroll worth millions. Cohorts of a Palestinian terrorist group come after it and take Jill hostage. Greg tries to swap the scroll for Jill, but everything goes wrong.

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Secret of the Scroll won a 2003 Bloody Dagger Award in the Thriller/Horror category judged by 53 reviewers for All About Murder Reviews, a top mystery review site of that era. It was a finalist for 2002 Foreword Magazine Mystery Book of the Year.

Greg McKenzie Mystery #4

Greg and Jill take on what appears to be a 90-year-old murder case, a case so cold its frosty. Their  investigation drags them into a present-day conspiracy filled with chicanery in circles of power and chaos created by a frenzied killer.