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Long Time No See


I've neglected this newsletter for other forms of promotion, plus being sidetracked with various personal issues, for far too long. My major excuse (and that's what it is, folks) concerns my main focus over the past few months. We sold our house in Madison and bought a condo in Bellevue, on the opposite side of Metropolitan Nashville. It was an experience I don't care to go through again. Everything that could go wrong did. We had to sell our house twice. The first buyer backed out when she learned she'd only have $200 left after closing. We had already started packing and lived for more than a month with boxes all over the house.


The condo we bought had been used as a rental. The occupants had left it in a mess. We finally got the owner (who lived in Hong Kong) to clean it up, but there were several issues the inspector found that required repairs. The owner finally offered to cut the price by $2,000 if we would make the repairs. We accepted (and did the minor repairing ourselves).


We needed the money from our house buyer to pay off the condo seller and planned to move immediately after the closing. Our Realtor, who went way beyond the call of duty to get things done, set the two closings at the same time and place. But delays being what they are in real estate transactions, the movers arrived at our house before we had finished all the legalities. My stepdaughter, who was guarding the gates, called to say they were ready to start loading. We told her to hold them off until we had signed all the documents and the condo was ours. After coping with a bout of rain while unloading, the movers finally finished around midnight.


After a month here, we love it. Here's the view out our front door:



This is a large condominium development called River Plantation. We live in Section X (10). Our section includes more than 100 units built in duplex style. The sidewalk in front stretches nearly half a mile, great for walking. Just beyond the walkway, the terrain drops twenty or so feet and goes back to a wooded area that borders the Harpeth (hard to see through the trees), one of Middle Tennessee's scenic rivers.


The scenic part was stretched a bit in May of 2010 when thirteen inches of rain in two days was followed by the Corps of Engineers' disastrous release of water from Old Hickory Dam on the Cumberland River. The ensuing flood hit various locations around Nashville, including the condo we bought. A neighbor said water was up to the top of the kitchen cabinets. First floors, with all appliances, had to be redone. We're getting flood insurance, though no one believes this disaster will recur. Looking at the drop-off beyond our sidewalk, it's almost unbelievable that the water got this high.



The wooded area beyond is home to a large herd of deer. They come out around dusk and graze in the grassy area below the berm just past the sidewalk. Some climb the slope and eat out of bird feeders near the sidewalk. A hundred yards or so down the walkway from our place, the river swings away, widening the grassy area into a large open field. A couple of evenings ago, I counted twenty-one deer in the broad meadow. Last night we saw eleven. Although they're a bit fuzzy because of the distance, I shot this photo near dark today. Deer-watching has become our favorite pastime.



My First Audio Book Is Out


Deadly Illusions, third book in the Greg McKenzie series, is now available on Amazon as an audio book from Audible. Narrator Craig Keopke provides the voice for Greg. The book currently has 65 five-star reviews.


This is the story where the Federal Reserve chairman gets whacked at the Opryland Hotel. You can get it free with an Audible trial. Check it out at this




What's Next


I'm resurrecting another of my earlier manuscripts, but written later than the Post Cold War Political Thriller Trilogy. After revisions,I should have it ready to go shortly. Titled Hell Bound, it takes place in the fall of 1999 and involves a bus load of senior citizens from a church in Madison (from which we just moved) on a trip to New Orleans. What none of them know is one of the group, now living under a false name, had brought down a New York mob a few years earlier with his testimony in Federal Court.


A Mafia capo who had searched years for him finally tracks him down just before the bus leaves Madison. But the mobster, a heart attack case waiting to happen, is struck down before he can do anything but call his underling, report his success, and describe the bus tour. However, he fails to give the name the "traitor" is using. This results in a mob "hit" team dogging the bus while attempting to identify their quarry.


There's also a love story involving the hunted man, Pat Pagano, a Medal of Honor winner from World War II, and Marge Hunter, a twice-widowed passenger with a traumatizing secret of her own. The story culminates in a deadly confrontation as a hurricane bears down on the bus just outside the "Big Easy."



Recent Appearances


Last weekend we made our Octoberly jaunt to Gallatin, in the county next to Nashville, for its Main Street Festival. The weather was not particularly cooperative. The wind got so bad my signing colleague Jaden (Beth) Terrell, my wife and I had to hang onto the posts to keep our tent from blowing away. We finally gave up and took the tent down. Bookmarks and promo folders had to be anchored down, while book covers flapped in the wind.  The breeze was so chilling that Sarah stayed hunkered down in her chair swathed in jackets. We met lots of friendly folks, though, and sold a decent number of mysteries.


The previous Saturday we joined fellow Sisters in Crimer Tom Wood and a few other authors in a booth at Taste of Bellevue, a food giveaway event with the proceeds going to the new Bellevue Public Library, due to open in January. It was my first appearance on this side of the county.


On November 1, we make our second appearance at McGavock High School's Christmas Craft Fair, sponsored by the McGavock Orchestra Parents Association. To get to the school, you go Briley Parkway just past Opry Mills Mall and turn onto Two Rivers Parkway. The event is free. If you happen to be around, drop by.



That's all for now. To see the latest news, check occasionally at And don't forget to email me if you're changing your email address. I don't like to lose readers from bounced issues.