Promotion Ideas for Authors

I have read a lot of comments pro and con about the value of book signings, particularly for new authors. I have found them a valuable way to get my name out among the book buying public. When my first Greg McKenzie mystery came out, I searched email lists like Murder Must Advertise for suggestions on book signings. I found a wealth of ideas on how to do it, which helped get me on the road. With the experience gained in the past year and a half, I have come up with a number of refinements. I offer them here for whatever help they might be to you. Just click the links below to check them out.

This link will take you to an interview I did for the Sisters in Crime Internet Chapter on how I arrange and  carry out book signings: Sisters in Crime-IC Spotlight Interview.

In the interview, I mention a small folder that my wife hands out at book signings. Click the cover below to see how we use the folder and how you can make them yourself.

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