Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Have you ever heard of such a title for a book? Actually, it’s an appropriate description of what’s between the covers. In the Preface I make this comment: “I go into a lot of small details that might be left out, but I feel they help round out the story of who I am.” And at the start of Chapter Seven, I sum up:

“LET'S SEE HOW MANY jobs I had held up to this point, around my forty-fifth birthday. Starting from the beginning, I was a drugstore cowboy, electrician's helper, sold women's shoes, order filler at Washington Manufacturing Company, mail sorter at the Post Office, aviation cadet in the Army Air Forces, freelance writer, newspaper reporter, Air Force intelligence officer, newspaper copy editor, public relations account executive, speech writer for a governor, magazine editor and publisher, and advertising copy writer. That's fourteen jobs.“

My next-to-the-last position  of association executive took me up to retirement. Since then I’ve been involved in my final professional occupation, that of author. Most of the time it has been fiction writer, until I decided to chronicle my life span of right at 92 years. I subtitled it “A Writer’s Memoir.”

The book is available in paperback for $7.99 from Walmart or can be ordered at your favorite book store.